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From recyclate to product we have the capability

Polymer Extrusions is a specialist plastic solution provider that recycles manufacturers' waste streams back to compounded materials for re-use in the plastics industry in addition to manufacturing extrusion tubes and profiles for numerous high-end users.

  • Compound Production
  • Product Manufacturing


Compound Production

With the capacity to process in excess of 300 tonnes of waste plastics and polymers per month, our compound manufacturing facility supplies plastic manufacturing injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding companies with a wide range of quality compounds.

One of our specialities is receiving and processing manufactures waste streams (such as set up rejects and general plastic production waste) and processing it back into re-useable compound pellets at a hugely reduced cost. We have particular proven experience in working closely with the automotive industry in supplying such compound.

One of our unique selling points is our ability to formulate materials to exact customer specifications. Polymer Extrusions possess the tools and knowledge to focus on our customers’ individual needs – their precise applications and processing limitations that meet performance criteria and value for money. Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to meet customer demands for both small and large quantities.

Polymer Extrusions experienced plastic technicians can incorporate a vast range of additives, e.g. fillers and reinforcers creating a variety of properties. These properties can include UV stabilisation, flame retardancy, wear resistance, structural performance and colourisation.

Product Manufacturing

Polymer Extrusions operates 8 extrusion lines and produce a wide range of tube and profiles for customers working in:

  • Lighting industry - e.g. emergency lighting, florescent safety tubes, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical sector – swab tubes and lab kit
  • Medical - packaging products
  • Food hygiene – packaging products
  • Pyrotechnic industry – SOS flare housings
  • Utilities Industry - Trench Cover for Fibre to the Home installation

Our extrusion lines and high specification tooling can produce tube sections from 5mm outside diameter up to 270mm outside diameter with wall thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 5mm.

Polymer Extrusions prides itself in working closely with customers in order to design, develop and manufacture products that match precise requirements and performance criteria needed for their businesses.