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Compounding and Reprocessing

Processing Waste Plastic into Quality Compound

As a major recycler of post-industrial plastic waste we specialise in converting a wide range of waste plastic into quality reprocessed polymer compound for plastic manufacturers throughout the UK.

There is a growing demand for manufacturers of plastic products to use reprocessed material in place of virgin material - we at Polymer Extrusions can meet that demand.

Our range of high output compound lines produce both prime material and ‘blend’ granulates to exacting customer specifications in sectors such as medical, automotive and food & beverage. This helps and supports their efforts to cut costs without compromising quality or performance whilst reducing their carbon footprint resulting in a more sustainable organisation.

Materials Typical Uses
PP Housewares
Food Containers, Buckets & Bowls, Food Packaging
Interior & Exterior Panels, Motorcycle Panels & Mudguards, etc
Syringe & Vials, Waste Containers, Packaging
ABS Electronics
Television Housing, Electrical Cabinet Components & Alarm Housing
HDPE General
Wheelie Bins & Dustbins, Water & Gas Pipes and Packaging
LDPE General
Damp Course Membrane, Shrink Wrap, Carrier Bags
PC General
Headlight Lenses, Lighting, Measuring Gauges

Toll Processing

Polymer Extrusions offer a ‘value added’ service to our customers by taking in their waste, reject and defective plastic materials and processing them back to a polymer compound.  This re-processed material can then be re-introduced into their manufacturing process.

These specialised services include shredding, washing and drying, granulating, blending and compounding. Recycled compounds can be produced with a range of additives and enhancers to match their original specifications or colour.

By utilising these services our customers benefit from increased efficiency and cost reduction whilst demonstrating its corporate responsibility to the environment.

For more information on how your plastic manufacturing waste can be recycled contact us today.


We can package reprocessed/recycled materials into either bulk bags or octabins for onward delivery to you.